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Little Riddles – Riddle Quiz

Little Riddles

*** 900 fun and challenging riddles! How many can you solve? ***
Little Riddles – Riddle Quiz has lots of fun and it will sharpen your mind!

Try these (check the answers below):
What 8-letter word has one letter in it?
The more you have of it, the less you see. What is it? Darkness
What is always coming but never arrives? Tomorrow
What goes up but never comes down? Age

There are more fun riddles in this Little Riddles – Riddle me that game, it’s the best riddle quiz game, and free!
For every riddle, you will have 12 to 18 mixed letters for answer candidate. You can remove incorrect letters and reveal correct letters by using coins. Solving every riddle will gain you coins! Unlocking levels will gain more coins! There are other ways to get free coins, check it out in this little riddles – riddle me that game…

Just train your brain and amuse your friends for hours with Little Riddles – Riddle Quiz.

Here are the answers:

Piano Tiles: Don’t tap the white tiles


Piano Tiles is the simple but very fun casual game.
The rule is very simple:
1. Don’t tap the white tile
2. Tap the black tiles by order

Game mode introduction:
1. Classic mode: touch 50 piano tiles as fast as possible
2. Arcade mode: The game will go faster and faster, touch piano tiles as many as you can
3. Zen mode: touch the piano tiles as many as you can in 30 seconds
4. Rush mode: The game will go faster and faster, touch piano tiles as faster as you can
5. Relay mode: get 50 piano tiles in 10 seconds, you can get another 10 seconds if you get 50 piano tiles, and go on…

Highlighted features:
- Charming piano sound effect.
- Classic, Zen, Arcade, Speed, Relay game mode
- Google Game Leaderboard support

Icomania Guess The Icons


Welcome to the Icomania world!!!
Here you will have more than 900 cartoons to quiz, they are all imaginative and handcrafted cartoons! Can you guess all the pop icons? Try this Icomania game! It’s Free!

A man and a woman was riding on a deer in a snowing day, what’s this movie? — It’s Frozen!
A super hero wearing an American suit and arming a shield, what’s this character? — It’s Captain America!

There are more than 900 icons for you to quiz! The icons includes TV & Movies, Characters, Famous People, Country, Cities, and Brands.Come and try this icon pop quiz game!

Playing ‘Icomania – Icon Quiz’ is pretty simple: you see an icon and you’re shown a series of 14 or 16 scrambled letters, out of which you have to guess a word that you associate with the icon.
We now present you the new puzzle adventure – icomania! Download the top trending game on the market for free and begin the icon mania right now!



This 2048 game is a simple, fun, and addictive number puzzle game. Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!
Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. When 2048 tile is created, you wins!
- Endless mode: Once you get to the 2048, you can continue the game in endless mode which means you can go to 4096, 8192, and endless!
- Undo support
- Leaderboard
- Share with friends
Start play this 2048 game, compete with your friends to see who can make the best score.
Please give us feedback in comments, we will make it the best 2048 game!

Logo Quiz

logo quiz
download logo quiz from google playdownload logo quiz from amazon appstore

Logo Quiz is finally here, with more logos and levels, more hints!
It has more than 1500 popular logos, how well do you know them?
Name the logos of the most popular brands and companies, known all over the world in one of the most popular logo quizzes on Google Play, now in even better game mode.
This app has a simple game play: You will be present a distorted image of a logo and some available letters, you can solve the logo by typing the correct letters.
If you cannot recognize it, use the hints!
You can ask you friends about any logos you don’t know by using our free integration of Facebook or Twitter.
In higher levels of this Logo Quiz game, you will find that the logos are harder to solve. Challenge yourself to unlock all levels and all logos!
You will be awarded free hints when you solve logos, unlock new levels and finish some additional tasks. Also, you can buy additional hints from in app purchase. You will get lots of free coins from some tasks in this Logo Quiz game.
Leaderboard is provided in this logo quiz game from Google Play Services, you can compare your score with your friends or with public users. Test your brand/logo knowledge!